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What does it matter how we're affecting the worms?

21st August, 2006. 5:28 pm. check out the new sigmusic icon(iheartbandcamp)

there's nothing else to say....

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9th July, 2006. 4:57 pm.(kate04590)


Pictures! They appear in no particularly organized order on that site.

I miss you all.
♥ Kate

Current mood: blank.

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8th July, 2006. 5:34 pm. "Camp is officially closed"(kate04590)

I miss everyone already. I want to go back. And its only been like an hour since I saw everyone. Ahhh.
Anyway, this year was great guys, even though it was different. I <3 and miss you all. And now I think I'm going to go sleep for the next 2303495809 hours.

♥ Kate

PS-As soon as I upload all of my pictures I will post a link.

Current mood: sad.

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22nd June, 2006. 11:02 am. Benedictus(kate04590)

so i was looking through my dad's digital photos on the computer and i noticed this one from camp that i had never seen before, except it wasn't a photo, it was like a 30 second video thing from the concert our first year @ teen camp and it was of the choir singing benedictus. (we sounded really good, btw.) and steven was flapping his arms around madly while he was conducting and it was funny. and it made me think of how different choir will be this year without him. oh well. and how much i want to be there right now.
so yeah. this post is kind of pointless but w/e.
i am so excited to see everyone.
<3 (paige can you explain to me how to do those cool heart things that you taught to annie m? lol)

Current mood: nostalgic.

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18th June, 2006. 11:42 am. ...(kate04590)

Two words.One week! 'Nuff said.

Current mood: ecstatic.

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11th June, 2006. 7:25 pm. Yay(kate04590)

Do you all know where we will be 2 (yes, 2!) weeks from today?

Current mood: excited.

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15th May, 2006. 4:29 pm.(kate04590)

I want camp sooooo badly. Six weeks minus one day...do you think we can make it?
<3 Kate

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24th April, 2006. 4:50 pm.(iheartbandcamp)

so i walked into lunch today (which i eat in the orchestra room) and what should be sitting on the chalk-tray but a COPY OF THE PROGRAM!! i got super excited and started dancing around and showed nicole the picture of justin (she called him ugly) and then just kept staring at it during ap theory. it made me happy. so yeah. just wanted to let you know.

<3 annie

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22nd April, 2006. 4:03 pm. yay for me...(iheartbandcamp)

i have new pants for the camp concerts!! my tired old black capris don't really fit and i decided i wanted something more comfortable. so now i have black short-length gauchos. and they're super comfy and can handle anything steven, ashley, or andy throw their way in show choir.

i don't know why i'm posting this except that i'm really bored. and i miss camp. and i can't wait to go again. yay. hope you all survive nyssma and aps. we'll get through it, and then we'll comiserate about it afterwards.

<3 annie

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21st March, 2006. 9:16 pm.(kate04590)

Someone post something interesting. My life is especially boring lately and I need some entertainment.

<3 Kate
ps: like 100 or so days til we go back!

Current mood: content.

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